Choosing the best lace lingerie

Here at SeriouslySensual we love lace lingerie. Lace is possibly the most perfect fabric for sexy lingerie, being soft and sensual to touch while easy to style in countless ways. From cute to romantic to seductive, you can create various looks with lace lingerie, with a massive selection of garments making it easy to find a particular style.

Creating beautiful lace detailing on lingerie was traditionally done by hand, requiring a high level of skill and patience that resulted in an expensive asking price for most garments. This meant that lace underwear was synonymous with the wealthy, being a glamorous and extravagant buy that most could not afford.

Thankfully, modern lace lingerie is easy to manufacture, helping make it much more affordable for everyone. Yet the glamour and beauty associated with lace lingerie remains, so it’s the perfect way to treat yourself – or someone special in your life!

Of course, because sexy lace lingerie is so popular today, finding the right style for your preferences can be challenging! Check out some buying tips below that can help find the best lace lingerie for any occasion:


What is the Purpose of the Lingerie?

Before you buy anything, think about the reason you want lace lingerie. If it is just for general use, then you are free to choose whatever styles, colours, and textures meet your preferences. Those that have a specific purpose for the lingerie, such as celebrating an anniversary or going on a hot date, may want to focus on more alluring and seductive styles.

Women wearing white luxury lingerie

The great thing about lace lingerie is its versatility. A garment you wear to work can easily be used for a night in the bedroom, while there are plenty of comfortable products that focus more on functionality than how sexy you look.

It therefore helps to consider what you want the lace lingerie to achieve! Doing so can help you narrow your search, focusing on styles, colours, and fabric pairings that work best for your needs.


Choose Layered Garments for More Coverage

While we love slinky lace lingerie, we understand that it is not for everyone. Some people want more coverage from their lingerie, and there are plenty of options for those seeking more modest styles in their lace garments.

Layered lace lingerie combines lace with other fabrics, creating the same glamorous aesthetic without feeling too exposed. Providing a subtler sexy style, layered lace underwear is perfect for many occasions, whether you want to provide a teasing glimpse in the bedroom or wear something luxurious to work.


Floral Lace for a Flirty Romantic Look

Floral and lace are a match made in heaven. While various designs are used on the intricate detailing of lace underwear, floral patterns are by far the most popular, and when you see just how gorgeous they look it is clear why.

Best lace lingerie from SeriouslySensual

Romantic styles of lingerie typically have cute floral trims and detailing, offering a flirty and seductive look that many desire. The fabric often pairs with other sheer materials, creating a sensual appearance that is equal parts glamour and seduction.

Better still, most types of lingerie use this style, with everything from sexy babydolls to chemises to bra and panty sets available with floral lace designs. It’s a great choice for lace lingerie, being versatile enough to create different aesthetics depending on what designs you choose.

Lace and Sheer for the Seductive Look

For a more seductive appearance from your lingerie, look no further than lace and sheer. This pairing is a lot naughtier so may not be for everyone, although those seeking to look their alluring best should certainly consider sheer and lace garments.

Sheer and lace can be paired in various ways, from the lace itself being a sheer material to other sheer fabrics that contrast with the lace. Due to the popularity of this pairing, you will find countless styles of sheer lace underwear, making it easy to find something to your liking.

Again, this is more of a seductive look, so you should be mindful that these styles of sexy lingerie often leave little to the imagination. This is intentional though, as sometimes you want to look irresistibly gorgeous in your sexy underwear!

If you are looking to celebrate an anniversary, treat your partner to a special night in, or want to look your seductive best for a new partner, you cannot go wrong with sheer and lace lingerie!

Blacks and Reds for a Timeless Style

Black and reds are popular colour choices for sexy lingerie. They help provide the perfect aesthetic, being equal parts sophisticated and seductive, so if you are unsure of what lace lingerie is right for you, we recommend starting here.

Whether choosing all red, all black, or a combination of each, the colours are solid option for lace lingerie. They are versatile colours too, being good for your sexy everyday undies and your romantic lingerie for those special occasions.


The back of a women wearing red lace lingerie

Stretch Lace for Comfort

Sexy lace lingerie doesn’t need to be uncomfortable. In fact, even the sexiest underwear should always be comfortable, as the more comfortable you are the sexier you feel, so always look for garments with a great fit.

All-lace garments are typically made using stretch lace fabric, which has a lot more give and feels soft on the skin compared to non-stretch, which is mostly used for trims and detailing rather than larger parts of the garment.

Most people find stretch lace lingerie to be the most comfortable, offering more give and a softer compared to non-stretch. They are often found on bras, teddies, and nightwear, and while certainly comfortable they retain all the glamour and luxury associated with lace lingerie.


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