Role-play Ideas you Need to Try

There are fewer things more tantalising than a bit of sexy role-playing. Taking on an entire new persona and living out your biggest fantasies through this character are some of the best ways to spice things up in the bedroom, with sexy costumes and roleplaying being a favourite of many couples.

After all, when you start playing more of a role in the bedroom, things take a completely new perspective, adding an enticing eroticism that can seriously up the ante when it comes to your sex life.

Whether you are looking to inject some new passion into a long-term relationship or just want to live your wildest fantasies with a new lover, roleplaying is something that everyone should be trying out more!

Of course, doing so for the first time is rather daunting, which is why it is a good idea to try some of the more popular roleplaying ideas to get the ball rolling. While dressing up in a sexy outfit is not necessary for role play in the bedroom, we guarantee it makes things even better, so check out five our favourites below!


Naughty Nurse

An all-time roleplaying classic, the naughty nurse outfit typically combines red and white fabrics into a slinky little number that will drive a lucky patient wild with anticipation. Most of our outfits have a plunging neckline and short length that leave little to the imagination while still teasing.

There are usually some fun accessories with the outfit, like the classic nurse’s hat, stockings, suspenders, and maybe even a stethoscope! No matter what is included, this outfit is certain to have a positive effect on your partner’s health!

For fun scenarios to try out, you be a nurse that is giving a patient a physical they will never forget or maybe try to help heal an injury using some rather unconventional methods! Check out our sexy nurse costumes here:


French Maid

Another role-play classic, the French maid outfit is easy to recognise with its skimpy black dress and white apron combo, often with a cute headpiece and some sort of naughty tickler or duster. Stockings and gloves are a poplar choice with this outfit too, which is all about teasing your other half until they cannot take it.

The naughty maid outfit also helps distinguish clear roles for your roleplaying adventures, with the classic master and maid dynamic being incredibly arousing for many. If you love being dominated then this is an especially worthwhile outfit and role to take on, while those that love having sex around the house can have a lot of fun with the different ‘cleaning’ scenarios at play!

A great role to try out with this outfit is the look but no touch rule. This tests your partners resolve, seeing how long they can go without touching the naughty French maid! For those that love to be dominated, you can take on various power play roles as a maid, perhaps getting punished for not cleaning well enough. Take a closer look at our naughty maid collection here:


Seductive Secretary

The seductive secretary is a great type of roleplay if your partner loves being the boss in the bedroom. You may not even need a special outfit for this, as a lot of what makes a seductive secretary you might already own!

Think formal wear turned naughty, with buttoned shirts, blouses, and narrow skirts all a common feature. keep things sexy underneath it all with seductive stockings, high heels, and maybe a cheeky silk tie for playing with later!

There are all kinds of fun scenarios you can try too, such as staying late to ‘work’ with the boss, taking charge of a naughty employer, or taking a job interview to a whole new level!


Sexy School Girl

Class is back in session with this timeless role playing outfit, which is perhaps one of the most popular around and for good reason! Short plaid skirts – or any short skirt in general – are a must for this outfit, often paired with knee high socks and a white shirt that just will not button all the way up!

Another great outfit for power play situations, there many directions you can take this role, such as being the naughty school girl looking to seduce her teacher or a submissive student being taught all sorts of kinky lessons by their teacher.

One thing that is so much fun about this role is the ability to use all kinds of props! Why not get a ruler out for a spot of spanking? The sexy school girl role-play can be played in several ways, from the rebel to the teacher’s pet!


Police Officer

For anyone that loves to take charge, taking on the powerful position of a police officer is certainly going to a fun role in the bedroom! You remain in the driving seat with this role, dressing up in some kinky cop outfits that typically resemble the classic cop look – just with a lot less uniform and a lot more flesh on display.

Woman playing role-play holding handcuffs

Of course, no police officer outfit is complete without the hat and handcuffs – the latter of which can be used in many interesting ways during your sexy play! This role is therefore perfect for anyone that has a fantasy involving some bondage, although just make sure your partner is on board with being bound with your handcuffs.


Remember to Have Fun!

No matter what role playing ideas you want to introduce into your sex life, just remember to have fun with it! You can feel silly doing this for the first time but once you let go of your inhibition and just role with the fun, things become even better.

Don’t be afraid to laugh or get really into your roles, going as far as your imagination takes you! There is no right or wrong way to roleplay, although trying some of these classic roles is a good place to start as the roles and things you can do are well defined so easy to follow.

Trust us when we say that taking the time to dress up and perform roles with your partner is a certain to add more passion and enthusiasm into your sex life and wider relationship.



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